Saturday, 8 December 2007

The long game

Three steps forward, one step back. Looking at football in microcosm is a mug's game though. Did we really think that everything would be solved so easily? recovery is not a quick process in any branch of life, and to expect a new manager, no matter how wily, to manage such a feat is naive. Look at last season's great escape act: paul ince, or more probably ray matthiap with ince's help, steered macclesfield away from danger despite their being in an apparently impossible spot when they took over. But it wasn't plain sailing. They pulled away from danger remarkably quickly, got themselves into a position where they could strike for mid.table but didn't build on it. In fact it's easily forgotten in light of our last day showdown with boston but they could have gone dnwn that day too. Our battle for survival won't be won in a trice, but we've shown enough under little to suggest it will be won. I hope he manager the debt sooner than ince did though; i don't fancy going to lincoln for another last day date with destiny!

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