Sunday, 29 April 2007

Save The Turf

Here's our video report on the campaign to save the Turf Hotel.


It's time to be postive! Worrying won't help the team, and won't get us through the longest week of our footy lives either! Think positive! Macc and Boston fans would gladly swap places with us in the table!

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Well they played the welsh anthem in the ground as i arrived-very welcoming! I'm worried about the fact that bury won here last week-they'll have been slaughtered by Richard Money and be determined not to let a team from the bottom of the table do that again. I feel it could feel very similar to last Tuesday-the big away support might have to buoy us up to withstand an early onslaught. Hope the result's the same as well! I feel we can do this-Walsall are clearly a good side, but looking at the teams are they any better than us man for man?

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Told you!!

I'm psychic, me! God, that was good!!!

Get on the Good Foot!

Let's be positive about tonight! If we sit back and wait for things to happen we'll be punished, but in the last two games we haven't done that, and if we get on the front foot we can have a night to remember (Eep! I sound a bit like a foot fetishist there!)

If we'd played this game on the rearranged date we wouldn't have had Steve Evans, Danny Williams or Neil Rovberts available. Now we've got that solid spine to the team, and we should be well equipped for a derby scrap.

Okay, they were much better than us at The Racecurse, but that was when Brian Carey was still finding his feet, and Steve Evans was sent off in the first half too.

Plus, their pitch is in awful shape, and as they're in the play-offs I reckon that should work in our favour-it'll introduce a random factor to compensate for the fact that they're better than us!

Also, their form has been as patchy as their pitch, and they're under presure too.

Someone's going to crack tonight. Let's make sure we get at them from the start to ensure it's not us!

Sunday, 22 April 2007


That was heart-stopping! Thank goodness Neil Roberts could hit the net, as it looked like nobody was going to be able to beat that Torquay keeper!

You have to judge decisions by results, so it turns out that Brian Carey pulled off a coup with the substitution.

Like just about everyone else I was astounded by his decision to put Roberts on for Michael Proctor, not because I didn't want Roberts on-the timing was spot on in that respect. I just couldn't believe that Proctor, who had been absolutely outstanding up front, was the one who got the hook. After all, Llewellyn was trying a bit too hard, like many others, and things weren't going for him, while McEvilly missed two good chances and might also have been looking over his shoulder.

Mind you, McEvilly's always likely to get into scoring positions and upset defenders, and seems to operate well with Roberts. Likewise, Llewelyn's unpredictable and has often come up with a moment of magic in the midst of a poor performance, so maybe Carey opted to stick with what he knew at a crunch moment.

Still, however he arrived at the decision, and however surprised we were at the time, the result was spot on!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007


You don't need me to tell you how big Saturday's game is, but I'm not going to let that stop me! Think about this: even if we only get the same result as Boston on Saturday, they'll need to rely on the last game of the season!

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Well worth it!

Well, I made it, thank goodness!

It was a roundabout way to arrive though! The AA guy finally said I could go at 2.15, I got into Lincoln at 2.45, went the wrong way, arrived at the wrong entrance, was given the wrong directions by a steward, and ran into the press box fifteen minutes into the game!

I saw what I needed to see though! Get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Boy!!!

The AA man says take it steady and hopefully it'll be okay! 17 miles to go-this is going to be tight!


Still no sign!

When I was a kid I missed the first five minutes of a home game against Lincoln and when I got in the ground it was already 2-2! I think I'll be lucky to miss so little this time though. I suspect I'll be towed straight back to Wrexham.

Oh, an RAC van has just gone past. Very funny! Looks like I joined the wrong group!


Kick off's in one hour fifty-five minutes in Lincoln and I'm twenty miles away in a lay-by, waiting for the AA! The car has broken down, as you just might have guessed already!

Just to add insult to injury, the fans' bus has just gone past! The AA say they'll arrive between 145 and 230. I'm going to miss the game, aren't I?

Thursday, 12 April 2007


I'm in Rome, escaping reality, and here's a grisly reminder to our players of how lucky they are.

These are the bones of Saint Valentine, great uncle of Ryan, who ended up like this after Roma's fans got hold of him following his own goal against Tiber Villa!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

It's illogical, I know, but i feel optimistic about Saturday.

Lincoln have been the archetype of a long ball team for years-exactly the sort of side we struggle against-but since Keith Alexander went in the Summer they seem more likely to try and play football.

That's fine by me! They're pushing for promotion and will probably back their natural game to be good enough to sort out the likes of us. Therefore we're allowed the space to play a bit, and get something out of it.


Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Tense nervous headache

A survey was published this season which claimed the most stressed fans in the country were Notts County's.

They've certainly been through a lot, but yesterday they got a chance to see what real suffering looks like!

I'd love to ask Glenn Hoddle what we've all done in our past lives to deserve what we've been through over the past three years!

Monday, 9 April 2007

Keep The Faith!!!

How sickening was that? But we're only three points behind Boston and they'll drop plenty of points before the season's out. There's still plenty of points to be won-well, enough to overtake them, honestly!

Okay, blind faith might be defeating logic here, but I'm a football fan-that's my prerogative. Frankly, it's my only hope too.

Friday, 6 April 2007

Take Your Pick Brian

Management's all about big decisions, and Brian Carey has a few to make for tomorrow's game. The mere fact of Ryan Valentine's eligibility doesn't guarantee he will start: Carey has appeared a little wary about making him first choice and Lee Roche, who has been in good form, didn't get back in last Saturday.

Mind you, Mike Williams was hardly a favourite of Carey's until lately-he didn't really get a look in until injuries forced the boss' hand, and he even brought Scott Barron in ahead of him.

Steve Evans' return is a trickier one. Current Welsh international admittedly, and on paper a better defender than the rather basic Richard Walker. But then, is being basic such a problem in the position we're in? He's a big, hard, no-frills centre back and we've yet to concede with him on the pitch.

Mind you, that's no guarantee he'll hold firm tomorrow; he gave me kittens in the first half against Mansfield when he kept unilaterally stepping up, leaving a hapless Shaun Pejic to play Town's strikers onside.

So who should Carey pick? No idea! Fat lot of help I am!!!!

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Scary Saturday

Fresh from watching training, there'll be no Neil Roberts at Macclesfield, it seems. McEvilly and Whitley looked fine though!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Wrexham 0 Mansfield 0

Yesterday's game summed up so much of what has happened this season. We huffed and puffed but lacked the cutting edge throughout, then when we manage to look like we've finally had something fall for us in the 93rd minute, their keeper decides to make the best save of his season! Typical!

We're out of the bottom three, but will Saturday's outcome turn out to be two points dropped in the final analysis?

Looking on the bright side, though, we kept a clean sheet for the second game in a row, and have lost just one game-through a dodgy ref-in five games.

I was talking to Anthony WIlliams afterwards, and his comments were exactly what I'd been thinking: that if we consistently accumulate points in most matches, we'll probably be able to drag ourselves clear of the bottom two. It wouldn't be rety, it would be laborious, and it would leave matters open to the last gasp, but consistently grinding out results and keeping clean sheets should keep our heads above the water. But you can't imagine what I'd give for back-to-back wins, or even a first home win since December!

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