Friday, 11 January 2008

Experience is the Key

Well, Brian Little's transfer policy is laid pretty bare now; bring in as much experience as possible to try to get us through. If there were any doubts as to whether that is what he intends, they're laid to rest today by the arrival of Danny Sonner and Paul Hall, two players who have a combined age of seventy-one, have represented a total of twenty-three clubs and have played in 1,111 club games and earned over fifty caps between them.
Factor in the purchase of Phil Bolland and Gavin Ward three days ago, plus the identity of his other signing, Sam Aiston, and Little has brought in half a side of thirtysomethings in an effort to stabilise the side. There's certainly logic to it: the squad's confidence has collapsed so having a core of new players who have seen it all before to steady the ship seems wise. No-one will argue against the hasty nature of this rebuilding either; even the most cautious Wrexham fan will have wanted to see root and branch revision of the team.
Of course, the question is whether the new men still have the legs to deliver the goods. Of particular interest is Hall, whose main attribute as I recall when he caused us numerous problems for Rushden and Diamonds was his pace. The problem is that was at the start of the decade, and he was the wrong age of thirty then. Assuming Father Time has cut down on his speed, how he has compensated for that, and how his compatriots have aged, may decide our Football League future.

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