Saturday, 16 February 2008

A Wasted Day

There#s something no Wrexham fan got to see today-the inside of stadiummk. The question is why not?

When Wrexham arrived at the ground at 1.20-about five minutes after me-they thought they were going to be playing a game. Can you believe this? When Borras Park Under 10s have their game called off I get a call in advance so I don't have to take my lad to the park. Are we really to believe that MK Dons are less capable of organising themselves? Apparently half the pitch was frozen solid at 1.30 so why wasn't there an early inspection? Surely that's just basic common sense. Are MK Dons so new at running a football team that they don't know what to do if the pitch doesn't look good? Apart from the fact that a local ref could have gone and had a look in the morning, the match referee was only from London-why wasn't he contacted?

I'd hate to think, after the sour grapes when we beat them last month, that this was more than just incompetence.

So, a pointless round trip of just over three hundred miles, and I get back to find that another run of bizarre results by the sides at the bottom of the table-ten goals in five days for Dagenham, Mansfield winning at Darlington-leave us seven points short of safety. What a great day!

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