Monday, 16 June 2008

Conference Won't Let Us Mess Around

The Non League Paper carried a story on its front page yesterday which could have repercussions for us in the near future. Bearing in mind our reluctance to file our accounts, the fact that they intend to compel clubs to regularly disclose their financial information, with particular emphasis on any debt to the Inland Revenue, could be a timebomb for us. Remember, this is a body which isn't scared of relegating clubs if they don't meet their strict fiscal regulations-just ask Halifax, Nuneaton and Boston, who were relegated for failing to exist a CVA by the deadline, even though they did it within a week of that date.

The Conference cut you no slack, and we seem to have a culture of relying on being allowed just that. Despite the noise Brian Mawhinney makes, the Football League is a cosy boys' club that isn't averse to playing favourites and turning a blind eye to clubs that exploit loopholes. Don't expect that to apply in The Conference.

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