Sunday, 31 August 2008

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Funny game football. You spend three years depressed then pop down to Wiltshire and everything seems fine in the world. Bang and the hurt is gone! You might caution me to show a little more perspective, but since when was supporting a football team, especially Wrexham, about getting things into context?
Or am I wrong? Perhaps I should look at the bigger picture. We were all moping around about our poor away form last week, but haven't we lost just one of our last five away games? Didn't we score four in two of them? Aren't we in fifth place despite having four away games in our first six games? And despite coming up against some stiff opposition in those games: the pre-season title favourites (beaten 5-0), the pre-season second favourites (beaten 2-0), a side at the top of the table (beaten 4-1), a side which would go top if they beat us (1-1 away draw which we dominated). Perspective's not such a bad thing!
Perhaps the best thing though, is that we're actually watching a competitive Wrexham team. Forgive me for stating the blindingly obvious, but the last three years have been a bit tough haven't they? Watching Wrexham scratch around for enough points to survive was grim, but all of a sudden we are going into games thinking we can win them. Even if things don't pan out as we want them to at the end of the season, it's nice to have a campaign where we can actually enjoy the ride. At last we have hope (possibly that's linked in with the fact that we don't have Hope!)
Of course I cast envious glances at League Two, where history suggests we really ought to be. I feel particularly aggrieved when I look at the situation at the bottom of the table. With Luton, Bournemouth and Rotherham hobbled, there's no way anyone else will be going down, so it'll be a nice stress-free season for the genuine no-hopers in that division. For heaven's sake, even Chester won't be able to get themselves relegated!
Remember that season when we finished bottom of Division Four but stayed up because the league was being restructured? It gave Brian Flynn the chance to blood young lads with no great pressure, take the long view and plan for the future. And the result? The next season we beat Arsenal, the season after that we went up and were an established side in League One for most of the nineties. Happy days! If only Little could have been afforded that luxury.
Still, there's no point in focussing on what might have been. If my auntie had wheels she'd be a bus, as the Germans say (apparently!) Another handy way to build for the future is to drop down to a level where you can get promoted and create some forward momentum. Carlisle did it, Doncaster did, so let's see if we can emulate them.

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