Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Foyled Again!!

Reading about Martin Foyle's first game in charge of York City sent a shiver down my spine; there was a sense of deja vu as I relived the bad days of not so long ago! On the surface a 1-1 draw at Salisbury looks to be a good opening result, although the home side are in such awful turmoil at the moment, having lost half their side in the week leading up to the game as a cost-cutting exercise, that it might with hindsight turn out to be two points dropped.
What concerned me more was what Foyle said straight after the game. He told the press that he liked that part of the country which made it harder for him to get there and get a result. What??? Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that the right hand man in Brian Little's wishy-washy regime should come out with a comment like that!
It was also eerily familiar to see Salisbury's goal, which is worth looking out for. Despite the fact that he could have picked the ball up, the York keeper thought it was a backpass and tried to kick it clear. Unfortunately he sliced it back towards his own goal where it could be tapped in, forcing even the placid Foyle to criticise his lack of knowledge of the laws of the game. And the name of the keeper? Michael Ingham.
There's nothing new or surprising in football!

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