Friday, 24 April 2009

Assume Nothing

I've had an uneasy feeling about Sunday's game for some time. It's set up to cap a grim conclusion to the season in the most depressing manner possible.

The inevitable happened tonight when Weymouth were finally relegated, losing a game they had to win at home to York, who in turn just about stay up despite the fact that under Martin Foyle they've won five games out of twenty-five, their only wins in 2009 before this week coming against Lewes and Weymouth's youth team.

But that's the point. I don't know if people still think Weymouth are still fielding their youngsters, but they're not. I'm not pretending they've put a competitive side together as they plainly haven't-one point fron their last fifteen games tells you that. But they're no longer getting stuffed; in their last four games their worst result was a 2-0 defeat.

This feels like a big let-down just waiting to happen, bearing in mind our dismal form and the assumption that we'll at least wallop this lot, an attitude born on an unseasonably sunny day in late February when Weymouth crashed 9-0 at home to Rushden having lost their first team squad four days after our defeat at Burton, a time of unwarranted optimism.
I fear we could be in for a horribly jolting reality check on Sunday which will illustrate starkly how far we've fallen in the intervening two months.

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