Sunday, 31 May 2009

Quality in Short Supply

If you want an indication of how disappointing last season was-oh go on, you know you do!-then the Non League Paper is currently in the process of offering it.

It's the bible of the non-league game: if anyone's entitled to draw conclusions from the Conference season it's them. Today's issue takes us half way through a series which runs through the outstanding performers of the last campaign-so far they've had the best twenty strikers and goalkeepers of the non-league game.

Thus far we've had just one player in the lists-Marc Williams coming in at number fourteen on the lists of strikers. The thing is, not only do I not disagree-Williams would, I'm sure, have been higher if he hadn't got injured-but I can't really see another Wrexham player who would be sure to feature in the upcoming lists of the best midfielders and defenders.

Perhaps Andy Fleming or Ryan Flynn will be in the elite in the middle of the park (perhaps Nathan Fairhurst might have pushed for a spot too if Andy Crofts hadn't taken his place). Beyond them I'm struggling. When we can't get more than one or two players in the best eighty players of the division, you could hardly describe it as a year to be proud of.

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