Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Fair Point, But The Timing's Off

The Kidderminster game ended to a chorus of “What a load of rubbish” from the Wrexham fans. It wasn’t a great night.

I understand their frustration and they certainly have the right to air their views. After all, our away following is superb, and yet again they went in tremendous numbers, this time to an away night game as well. However, I feel their timing was off at Kidderminster.

For me, the players didn’t deserve to hear that. Not on Tuesday. After Silvio Spann was sent off for a rash lunge with barely fifteen minutes left, it was always going to be difficult to get a result against a side whose manager consistently produces teams which play neat, attacking football.

The team’s response to going a man down was gutsy, to the point of heroism, I felt. They regrouped and worked their socks off. People often say that all they ask from their players is effort; well on that criteria you couldn't fault them. You might be able to ask for more quality, but you certainly couldn’t have asked for more fight.

Yes, perhaps we were too defensive. Perhaps the promising Lamine Sakho was left too isolated, especially when we had set pieces and tended to sling it early to him without getting players up in support. However, there can be no doubt that the players showed genuine spirit, and tried to keep going even when the game was clearly gone.

There have been other games this season when I think anger would have been more appropriate. The failure to break down Barrow, for example, was frustrating, and our problems when faced with a side which sets out first and foremost to deny us is my greatest worry.

Likewise, collapsing at home to Kettering was a real disappointment as we conceded sloppy goals and again failed to trouble a disciplined defence, and the Chester game was grim.

But I think we have to keep a sense of perspective. We were up against it from the start on Tuesday, and the players did their best to defy the odds. Indeed, in the first half Kidderminster didn’t have an effort on goal worth mentioning, whereas we had a couple of dangerous moments on the break.

It's totally understandable that our fans, as loyal and patient a bunch as you can imagine, are gettng frustrated. To be honest it's remarkable, and a real compliment to them, that they haven't voted with their feet and decided to stop coming. They have every right to protest, and if they're at the end of their collective tether then that's understandable. I don't think yesterday was the performance that tipped us over the edge though,

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