Saturday, 3 October 2009

Holmes Sweet Holmes

Dean Saunders' post-match performances have come under ever-increasing scrutiny recently, as the BBC appear to have made a decision to pursue a more aggressive line with him.
It'll be interesting to see how he handles it if we don't win, and especially if we also manage to get hold of the Salisbury general manager, Nick Holmes.

It's a bit hit-and-miss whether we get anyone from the opposing team: the excellent work of David Roberts after the match (without him and Geraint Parry we'd be stuffed!) means we usually get the opposition's point of view. but sometimes the visiting team's media hijack their man and the rest of us are left high and dry. If he can deliver Holmes, we'll be able to compare his reaction to Saunders in tonight's podcast.

Salisbury's problems came to a sadly inevitable conclusion when they went into administration and were docked ten points. Thankfully, the side had made a strong opening to the campaign, meaning the penalty only dumped them to mid-table rather than consigning them alongside Chester City amongst the dead men.

That the team was able to absorb the punishment is down in no small part to the excellent work of Holmes and his first team coach, TommyWiddrington. The avuncular general manager is a class act in a profession packed with self-promoting bullies, cutting a gentlemanly air and rising above the infighting which characterises so many aspects of the game.

No doubt his sang froid came in handy when matters came to a head and the administrators came in, and he seems to have succeeded, along with Widdrington, in insulating the squad from the external problems to an extent.

I suppose that's why I view today's game with a certain trepidation; although that seems to be my default mode at the moment!

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