Thursday, 31 December 2009

Fear of January

We're getting a lot of optimistic noises from The Racecourse, with Dean Saunders talking about getting nine points in a week, and Gareth Taylor talking about promotion pushes.

I wouldn't want to hear anything else coming out of the club; you don't want your club to give up the season before January. However, I suspect January might just be the cruellest month when it comes to dashing those hopes.

Have you seen our upcoming fixtures? When we finish our game at Oxford on January 30th, we'll have completed a run of nine games, seven of which were away from home! And just to ensure this road trip is particularly gruelling, the next free Tuesday we'll enjoy is the other side of Valentine's Day!

If we can get the momentum going for a promotion push off the back of that run of fixtures, we'll be real contenders!

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