Saturday, 6 March 2010

A Whole New Ball Game For Saunders

In the 1980s the news was full of experts billed as "Kreminologists". Their job was to gauge the temperature at the heart of the Soviet government, looking to read the signs of which leaders were in fashion and in which direction the byzantine party machine would lurch.

Heaven knows how in the loop they really were, and you could ask the same of anyone trying to read the goings-on of a football club. By nature they tend to be anything but transparent; after all, they tend to be run by businessmen who move into football and fail to understand why the club should be any more open to scrutiny than their own company.

Therefore, you should treat any attempt ot work out the machinations of the boardroom cautiously; but having said that, here goes!

Ian Roberts introduction as chairman and comments on Dean Saunders' future got me thinking. Having assumed Saunders was pretty much unsackable under Geoff Moss, it'll be interesting to see just how much of a difference the new constitution of the board will make to his security of tenure. While Roberts' comments are supportive, there's a clear demand for performance on the pitch to improve markedly over the next year. I'd be a little edgy if I was a manager and the chairman started talking in such detail about my team too!

So will Saunders, who as I've said previously, seems to be getting a bit more of a handle on constructing a side able to deal with the particular requirements of The Conference, find the extra adrenaline released by this extra imperative to succeed of use? Or something important changed in the balance of power at the top of the club?

But of course, this Kremlinologist could be completely wrong!

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