Monday, 5 July 2010

Whither Marc Williams?

So what happens to Marc Williams now?

Off the top of my head I can think of seven strikers who start the season as potential contenders for the starting spots up front: Williams. Andy Mangan, Andy Morrell, Gareth Taylor, Kevin Gall, Nat Knight-Percival and Obi Anoruo. I'm sure I'll have missed someone out, but who cares? The point is made.

Isn't it incredible that Williams can go from being our stand-out player to a potential redundancy in a year? The fact that it's a couple of injuries which seem to have led to this decline makes the situation even more remarkable, and possible an indication that Williams is a victim of the global recession: if clubs had a bit more money to indulge hunches, then surely Saunders would direct it towards hanging onto Williams, rather than offer him a six month contract then employ a phalanx of player in his position.

In fact, Williams has had one hell of a roller-coaster ride. Unable to score regularly in the Footballl League, there were plenty of Wrexham fans I know who werre unconvinced by him. Yet he was a sensation in our first season in the Conference; was there a more effective player at our level? Then last season was a nightmare.

I desperately hope Williams is able to earn a further opportunity this season. His energy is admirable and he has shown he can be prolific at this level. I just hope he gets a chance, amidst the increased competition, to show what he can do.

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