Monday, 1 November 2010

Beware of the Pog

A good judge, certainly someone whose considered view of football I respect, delivered a damning verdict on Mathias Pogba to me after the Southport game.

It interested me because I tend towards the considered end of the spectrum, reserving judgement until I'm pretty sure of my conclusion (and then changing my mind soon after!) I'm inclined to wait until I've seen Pogba start a few games before delivering any sort of verdict, and I've been fairly encouraged by the fact that he does tend to have some sort of impact after he comes on as a substitute. However, I can't help wondering when I'm going to get that opportunity without driving out of town to watch the reserves.

Admittedly, Pogba's a cheap option. Still, if he was going to be given a chance to start, wasn't the Southport game the best chance we'll get? After all, two of our front three are getting on a bit; what a chance to give them a rest and see what the lad could do!

After the game Saunders said he'd be looking to bring in a new striker. Fair enough, but what an indictment on Pogba and Adrian Cieslewicz (whose ratio of goals to chances stands at 100% this season by the way, although he could hardly have missed the one opportunity he had, of course! I reckon Saunders missed a trick by not giving Cieslewicz a go on Saturday too, by the way. After all, he was absolutely buzzing at Hayes after his goal.)

If neither of them are going to be given a chance to show what they can do, what role do they play for us this season? Permanent impact subs? Pogba certainly did make an impact off the bench at Histon, and afterwards Saunders pointed out the loss through injury of Cieslewicz for that match, implying he saw him as an important part of his lans. But are they trapped in a catch 22 situation; the more they do well off the bench, the more likely they are to stay there?

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