Thursday, 13 January 2011

Everything's Going Egg-Shaped

I'm not going to go into the details of what's going on at The Racecourse at the moment: the previous links on this blog do that perfectly well.
What I can do is express horror at the thought that a parasitic rugby league franchise dumped onto our club, dangerously entwined with ours and deposited into our ground, could now drag us under.
I recall the concern I felt at the first fans' Q&A held to discuss the arrival of the Crusaders.
To be honest, my experience that night put me off attending any more. The answers were utterly unacceptable. A merger of the two clubs was essentially admitted to, no transparancy about how their finances would be divided was offered, just a vague promise that Wrexham FC would be seen right, and we were told the brilliant marketing genuises of the Crusaders would bring the cash pouring in.
That would be the geniuses who engineered the financial disaster which necessitated their flight from South Wales and would lead to administration, a state they bought themselves out of by securing their future against our assets! For asking questions about these issues I was rounded on as being one of those negative people who stops the club from moving forwards. Well, I prefer my vision of how the club should move forward, as a sustainable club at whatever level that realistically puts us, than the future our mickey-mouse-sport-playing chums are propelling us towards.
I'm sure I'm just being pathetically negative though. After all, what have we to worry about? Why would securing the future of a basketcase rugby club which has just crawled its way out of near-bankruptcy with our home worry me?

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