Saturday, 25 July 2009

Get Scouting!

We won't be seeing Carlos Tevez or Emanuel Adebayor, or even John Terry at The Racecourse this afternoon, but it'll still be fascinating to look at City's team. They might all be young lads, but Dean Saunders clearly has contacts at Eastlands as he regularly plunders their reserves for signings-four so far! So watch carefully-a couple of our players for the coming season might be lining up against us today!
If we're playing the percentages, we might look at their right back, of course, as we're supposed to be looking at a Premiership player in that position. Well, so far in their pre-season City have been playing Shaleum Logan at right back, but yesterday he signed for Tranmere on loan.
Hmmm...a Man City right back with first team experience who was available on loan. Have we missed out on a target there?

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