Friday, 31 July 2009

Two more friendlies and then............

We are into the actual season. Maybe it is my perception but the build up to the season has seemed interminably long this year as by my calculation we will have played more pre season matches than ever. The manager prefers playing games, I have seen the mojority of them, and it must be said that the first eleven is starting to come together nicely with the exception of one position - goalkeeper.

Chris Maxwell is at present our only first team keeper and at a young age and with little experience this is somewhat worrying. Maxi has done well in pre season but the last couple of games have seen two errors of judgement that have cost two goals and in all liklihood in competitive games would have resulted in two red cards. Dean Bousanis is looking less likely to come every day and Saunders is trying out keepers at a rate of knots. One has to say that the boss's judgement has looked good so far so I guess we'll have to trust him to solve this conundrum in time for the start of the season.

I was relieved to see the Tamworth game quickly rearranged so that we do not fall too far behind in terms of games played because last years experience shows that in this league that is very easy to do. The rest of the squad is looking good and my hopes are high for a good season


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