Friday, 21 August 2009

Three games in to the new season........

and the roller coaster has started. A good three points without playing that well against Eastbourne, the now inevitable loss to Creepy Crawley and a hard earned win against York on Tuesday night. What have we learned from this early sample of BSP football:
Firstly the positives-
Sam Russell has got better and is looking to be a good signing. Going into the season with two young keepers however highly rated Bouzanis was did concern me. Russell has experience and I though looked very good on Tuesday and as Mark said in commentary on Tuesday his distribution was once compared to Matt Le Tissier!
Silvio is at last showing what he is capable of and I gave him the MOM award on Tuesday. He is really making the right back position his own.
Jonah is showing signs of returning to his old form especially when in a more central position and finally Gareth Taylor has done well in leading the line and scoring three goals in his first three games.
Now the not so sures-
I like Taboubi but he is going to take a while to settle in to a higher standard of football. He appears to be trying not to dive in as he did in the opening game which has taken some of the aggression out of his game and he also wants to play the killer ball each time. He will learn and get better I am sure.
Matty Wolfenden is working so hard up front but in my eyes is too far away from Taylor to benefit from the big man's flicks. They are both working independently but once either he or Marc Williams builds a good understanding with Gareth then we will see far more.
The centre backs are still prone to lapses like allowing Gash in on goal on Tuesday night. Again it is a partnership in its infancy and Saunders has Westwood to come back but we cannot afford to concede as many daft goals as we did last year if we are going to challenge for promotion.
Adrian Cieslewicz - what pace he has but all too often the delivery is not there. Again a young man learning the game and he will I am sure benefit from Saunders coaching as even Jeff Louis admitted Deano was the best he had worked with and he has been at 17 different clubs!!

So a reasonable return so far but with two winnable away games over the next week or so the Dragons have to push on and at least break this appalling run of 0~1 defeats away from The Racecourse.


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