Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Pressure Can Swallow You Up.......

I was recently reading a quote from Chris Hargreaves who was in the Torquay squad that achieved the dream of regaining league status last year.

He said "You'r suddenly thinking that if you don't do well in the next few games, people will write you off and your careers over. If you aren't winning at half time there are likely to be boos and that doesn't help. That's a big fear to hang over your head and while it's a big driving force to make sure you do well, it can swallow you up and very good players drift out of the game".

After the reaction against Hayes & Yeading as we go into a run of three home games that was thought provoking for me and an insight into a players psyche. Before the fans start booing the players and the manager, and I don't deny anyone who has paid their money the right to do so, but perhaps we should consider that by getting rid of our frustrations are we actually making the situation worse?


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