Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Whole New Ball Game?

So Garside and Colford are gone. I'm not going to comment on the case itself, partly because I think the issue is pretty cut and dried, and partly because I don't enjoy the thought of ending up in court over what I write! However, what the decision means in a broader context is a different matter.

I've felt a certain nervousness about what we're told is the open nature of the new regime. I always like to see substance backing up fine words, and hadn't felt I'd seen anything to put my mind at ease. Perhaps today changes that.

I don't like to jump to conclusions too much, so I'm being cautious about today's announcement. However, I couldn't help feeling that the long delay before action was taken over the duo was just more of the same: Wrexham Football Club stalling for time to hope the fans would be dim enough to forget we were upset about something and move on. Today's announcement suggests I've done the board a disservice.

If so, this leads me onto an issue I've raised previously. I suspected Ian Roberts' elevation to the chair was a genuine regime change, although subsequently plenty of people disagreed with me. Today's events suggest to me that there has indeed been a change at the top of the club. Which, as I speculated earlier, might not be the best of news for Dean Saunders. Looks like Roberts is keen on accountability.

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