Saturday, 18 September 2010

That Familiar Feeling

Am I alone in feeling edgy about today's game?

Kettering's home form over the last ten months is dismal: played 19 won 2 drawn 6 lost 11. Let's be honest; recent experience makes it virtually inevitable that they beat us!

Also, after what by all accounts was a frank squad meeting, provoked by their awful start to the season, they might just be ready to throw themselves into the game today. Of course, that sort of rejuvenated spirit can't be sustained; you can't paper over the cracks if your team isn't good enough. However, it can give you a short term boost. I remember going to Chesterfield a few years ago when they'd lost their previous game 7-0. Their manager, Roy McFarlane, had hit the roof in order to get a reaction from his players. You don't need me to tell you who won, do I?

Then, of course, you throw in the Ashley Westwood factor. If ever there was a driven player, here he is. And he'll be gunning for us! It should be quite interesting, remembering his penchant for getting involved in aggravation (something he has sustained at Kettering, he has been involved in two mass brawls already this season, and was named by his local paper as being the joint cause of one of them!) i was thinking that if we keep our eyes peeled we'll probably work out who he didn't like in the changing room last season, until I remembered that there's barely anyone left at The Racecourse from last season!

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