Sunday, 25 March 2007

Bristol Rovers 0 Wrexham 1

Boy was that sweet! We deserved that, but it didn't look like it was going to happen! At last, someone got turned over late on in one of our games, and it wasn't us!!!!!

The three new players looked sound, and the fact that they also appeared to be a little short on match sharpness can only bode well for the next few weeks! Anthony Williams was sound, and made one great save from a volley from the edge of the box in the first half. Mind you, that was the closest Rovers came-we defended very well and they were restricted to shots from outside our box.

Walker was a big part in the defensive display which held Rovers at arm's length. He's a hell of a big lump of a guy and he looks like a solid replacement for Steve Evans. Spender and Pejic were absolutely outstanding alongside him.

As for Proctor, he looked the rustiest, but you could see what Carey has seen in him. He had his moments on the right, and athough he was fairly peripheral in the first half, he put one great cross after turning his man nicely, then set off on a great run, beating two men before trying a through ball for Roberts which seemed to be handled in the box! If we'd swapped today's ref with last Saturday's we'd have beaten MK Dons and had a penalty and a Rovers red card for that handball! In the second half Proctor looked like he was picking up a bit of sharpness too!

As for the goal, the key moment was Shaun Pejic, hardly known as a cool customer in the box, putting it perfectly onto Jeff Whitley's head when you'd have expected him to just thrash at it from fifteen years. At least, I think he meant it!!! I was so excited that I said Roberts had scored at first, and looking at NASA on Red Passion it looks like my slip led to a bit of confusion! I hope I'm forgiven!

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