Friday, 30 March 2007

Thanks for Nothing Football League!

Typical! Accrington Stanley play ineligible players and get away with it scot-free!

You've heard the Groucho Marx joke that he wouldn't join a club that would have him as a member? Well I'd be wary of joining a club that has Brian Mawhinney as a leader! Have a look at Accrington's website-it has a rambling explanation of their cheating, and lets slip that they wanted to keep it quiet until someone at another club blew the whistle. I'll bet they did, and the Football League too! Then they could have held a disciplinary hearing along the lines of:

"Should we punish Accrington Stanley or brush it under the carpet?"

"Accrington Stanley? Who are they?"


I can't believe this has happened! I can't believe this can just be ignored! I feared they might get off lightly, but no punishment? Amazing!

So, let's play our new benefactor, Craig Bellamy, th next time he's rested by Liverpool. A £12,000 transfer fee will be worth it to buy the three points!

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Peelparker said...

Hoping for 7 unmerited bonus points in your fight against the drop?

Couldn't oblige.

If you stay up can we play you every week?

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