Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Thanks Mister Blair

I can't believe that, through an airy word in Prime Minister's Question Time, AFC Wimbledon's punishment for fielding an ineligible player for a good chunk of the season has been reduced to almost nothing. More pressingly, I don't like the possible ramifications on the Accrington case.

Blair said the rules should be reviewed as the punishment seemed harsh. Why the hell didn't he say that two years ago when we were hit with an arbitrary ten point penalty?

Stop me if I'm wrong, but isn't playing a player you're not allowed to field cheating? If the punishment for that is minimal, why bother playing it straight? When red tape held up the transfer of Mike Carvill, we didn't pick him. Clearly we should have told the Football League to clear off and played him anyway as we might have got away with it!

I hope the "romance" of having Accrington Stanley in the league doesn't blind the Football League to reality. But it will, won't it.

Ever felt you've been cheated?

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