Sunday, 14 September 2008

Spirit Wins The Day

As I've coughed up for a share of Myfc, I suppose I was bound to be satisfied with the result however it went yesterday!
Ebbsfleet certainly played the better football, something which is happening too often this season for my liking, but apart from Long's delivery from corners, which was terrific, the final ball wasn't as good as the excellent approach play. In fact according to my notes from commentary the only two chances which didn't come from set pieces were down to glaring defensive errors. Shakes squandered so many good positions it was untrue!

I'm finding this in the Conference-teams are passing it around well but aren't penetrating like League Two sides do, and the finishing isn't punishing us as much as last season either. Also, there are more defensive lapses which allow us chances, and that was what happened with our second goal-Opinel switched off and allowed Whalley too much space to cross, and the centre back lost Louis, who had a free header.

Ebbsfleet were the better side, but it was sheer bloody-minded determination (possibly to avoid provoking the crowd, who are turning against them) which won it, and I guess that's not a bad attribute to have!

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