Thursday, 11 September 2008

Time for Proctor

It's time to give Michael Proctor a chance, isn't it? I didn't totally understand the decision to release him and I thought his efforts in the pre-season friendlies merited him getting a go in the squad earlier than he did.

He didn't get that opportunity, and we've been rather up and down going forward. I think, to be fair, that's down to erratic service from midfield more than anything else, but we've yet to see antone rally link effectively with Jeff Louis. Obvously this is down to one of two factors. Either it's impossible to combine with him, or we haven't found the right partner yet.

I don't think the first theory holds water. Granted, Louis is unpredictable and something of an individualist, but he does win his fair share in the air and we haven't exploited that. I think that fact that he has no assists to his credit so far this season illustrates that; Simon Spender, levi Mackin and Carl Tremarco all lead him in that field!

As for the notion that we've yet to find his perfect match, I think it's evidently true. Shaun Whalley is best employed on the flank, I think, although he is a decent finisher. Likewise, Simon Brown looks a neat, technical sort of player who makes good runs and has pace. Sadly, he isn't going to hurt defences, I suspect. It tells you something that he scored the fastest hat trick in Mansfield's history last January, but hasn't scored since!

Proctor would surely score more goals than him, given the same opportunity, and has more experience up front than Whalley. So what's stopping you Brian? Saturday's time to give him a go!

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