Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Are We A Smith Light?

So did we miss out on a bargain in Adam Smith?

He arrived on trial, virtually out of nowhere according to Brian Little, alongside Christian Smith in pre-season, and frankly didn't make all that much of an impression. He did little to suggest he'd earn a contract in the friendly I saw him play in, his performance being rather inispid and anonymous.

That didn't mean he wouldn't get a contract though, as Little seemed to offer rather too high a ratio of triallists a contract for my liking-I feel there's a lot to be said about the Tom Taylor fiasco which hasn't come out yet for example, but that's just the most glaring example. However, he decided Smith was not for him, although he did haul his namesake in.

With hindsight it looks like Martin Foyle might have been the prime mover behind Adam Smith's trial, as he was a virtually immediate signing once Foyle was bizarrely appointed as boss at York City. And he has been delivering. He has a couple of goals to his credit already and they were good ones too.

I suspect he won't turn out to be someone who we look at with a certain regret. Having said that, football's hardly the most predicatable thing in the world is it? Perhaps we passed up a gem.

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