Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Is this one of the triallists?

There's a cryptic comment on the bottom of the TNS match report, which saw us field a raft of triallists, about one of the triallists being a German who'd been at Red Bull New York and Arminia Bielefeld.

Well, trawling through the internet initally turned nothing up, but then I found some stuff on a guy called Sahr Senesie. A German website (I knew doing that O Level would come in handy one day!) said he had a trial in New York, and Bielefeld were interested in him. He never signed for wither, but his pedigree is good-quite apart from playing for Borussia Dortmund he scored at The Racecourse three years ago for the German Under-21 side, playing alongside the likes of Michael Rensing, Moritz Bolz, Marcell Jansen and Patrick Helmes, and played in the Under-20 World Cup.

He sounds a bit rich for our blood, but had a trial at Nottingham Forest at the start of the season, so maybe there's something to it!
Admittedly the thing about him having a father from Merseyside seems to blow it out of the water, as it seems to contradict his wikipedia entry, and who would dare question wikipedia's veracity? My gut feeling is I'm day-dreaming, but everyone else enjoys some daft transfer speculation, so stuff it; I'm going for it!

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