Monday, 5 January 2009

Say It Ain't So, Deano!!!!

And little did I know, as I was wittering away a couple of hours ago, that I have more of a vested interested in Clough getting the Derby job than I realised!

Dean Saunders on a four man shortlist for the Derby job? Dear God, what did we ever do to them? After they vetoed the Robbie Savage deal, they're going for the kill!

The article isn't totally clear. That's what it says, but it also says Geoff Moss is confident Saunders is going nowhere-so how could he be on a shortlist? I think-or perhaps hope-the use of the word shortlist is sloppy journalism.

It looks to me like Derby want Clough, odds on favourite according to my last fab blog posting remember, and have other names in reserve should they fail to get him. Mind you, it sounds like Clough's pretty happy where he is, and Darren Ferguson is in charge of a wealthy club that is on the up.

I wonder what Nottingham Forest's courtship of Clough did to him last week. He must have come given it serious thought, as he was clearly close to getting the gig, so did it make him realise it was now time to move on, or did he return to Burton knowing he had a job to do there?

I hope Moss is right, as the loss of Saunders would be absolutely catastrophic. I don't want to think about Saturday's game being 1 A.D. (After Dean). The upheaval of yet another managerial change, not to mention the impact on the players, would surely end any hopes of promotion, not to mention probably saddle us with yet another squad reshaping which hardly helps stability. I don't mind Saunders doing what he sees as necessary this wondow, then retooling the squad for League Two in the Summer; I don't welcome a new man coming in and hoping for the best.

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