Sunday, 1 April 2007

Wrexham 0 Mansfield 0

Yesterday's game summed up so much of what has happened this season. We huffed and puffed but lacked the cutting edge throughout, then when we manage to look like we've finally had something fall for us in the 93rd minute, their keeper decides to make the best save of his season! Typical!

We're out of the bottom three, but will Saturday's outcome turn out to be two points dropped in the final analysis?

Looking on the bright side, though, we kept a clean sheet for the second game in a row, and have lost just one game-through a dodgy ref-in five games.

I was talking to Anthony WIlliams afterwards, and his comments were exactly what I'd been thinking: that if we consistently accumulate points in most matches, we'll probably be able to drag ourselves clear of the bottom two. It wouldn't be rety, it would be laborious, and it would leave matters open to the last gasp, but consistently grinding out results and keeping clean sheets should keep our heads above the water. But you can't imagine what I'd give for back-to-back wins, or even a first home win since December!

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