Sunday, 22 April 2007


That was heart-stopping! Thank goodness Neil Roberts could hit the net, as it looked like nobody was going to be able to beat that Torquay keeper!

You have to judge decisions by results, so it turns out that Brian Carey pulled off a coup with the substitution.

Like just about everyone else I was astounded by his decision to put Roberts on for Michael Proctor, not because I didn't want Roberts on-the timing was spot on in that respect. I just couldn't believe that Proctor, who had been absolutely outstanding up front, was the one who got the hook. After all, Llewellyn was trying a bit too hard, like many others, and things weren't going for him, while McEvilly missed two good chances and might also have been looking over his shoulder.

Mind you, McEvilly's always likely to get into scoring positions and upset defenders, and seems to operate well with Roberts. Likewise, Llewelyn's unpredictable and has often come up with a moment of magic in the midst of a poor performance, so maybe Carey opted to stick with what he knew at a crunch moment.

Still, however he arrived at the decision, and however surprised we were at the time, the result was spot on!

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