Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Get on the Good Foot!

Let's be positive about tonight! If we sit back and wait for things to happen we'll be punished, but in the last two games we haven't done that, and if we get on the front foot we can have a night to remember (Eep! I sound a bit like a foot fetishist there!)

If we'd played this game on the rearranged date we wouldn't have had Steve Evans, Danny Williams or Neil Rovberts available. Now we've got that solid spine to the team, and we should be well equipped for a derby scrap.

Okay, they were much better than us at The Racecurse, but that was when Brian Carey was still finding his feet, and Steve Evans was sent off in the first half too.

Plus, their pitch is in awful shape, and as they're in the play-offs I reckon that should work in our favour-it'll introduce a random factor to compensate for the fact that they're better than us!

Also, their form has been as patchy as their pitch, and they're under presure too.

Someone's going to crack tonight. Let's make sure we get at them from the start to ensure it's not us!

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