Friday, 6 April 2007

Take Your Pick Brian

Management's all about big decisions, and Brian Carey has a few to make for tomorrow's game. The mere fact of Ryan Valentine's eligibility doesn't guarantee he will start: Carey has appeared a little wary about making him first choice and Lee Roche, who has been in good form, didn't get back in last Saturday.

Mind you, Mike Williams was hardly a favourite of Carey's until lately-he didn't really get a look in until injuries forced the boss' hand, and he even brought Scott Barron in ahead of him.

Steve Evans' return is a trickier one. Current Welsh international admittedly, and on paper a better defender than the rather basic Richard Walker. But then, is being basic such a problem in the position we're in? He's a big, hard, no-frills centre back and we've yet to concede with him on the pitch.

Mind you, that's no guarantee he'll hold firm tomorrow; he gave me kittens in the first half against Mansfield when he kept unilaterally stepping up, leaving a hapless Shaun Pejic to play Town's strikers onside.

So who should Carey pick? No idea! Fat lot of help I am!!!!

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