Sunday, 20 April 2008

If The Kids Are United

Was beating Notts County the start of something amazing or just a cruel, teasing moment of hope before the inevitable? Committed as I am to the club, and desperate as I am for something to turn up, in the cold light of day I have to admit it was the latter.
The commitment that the young lads showed, the energy they threw into the cause, might have embarrassed some of the more senior players who were overlooked yesterday, and made Brian Little's revelation that he pondered making a similar change after the Barnet game rather poignant. If he had done so would the team that beat Notts County have got any fewer points in the subsequent matches? I suspect not.
Having said that, we mustn't get carried away. County are trying to avoid the drop themselves, so it was hardly a win against testing opposition, and we created little until after the goal, when they were over-committing and Danny and Conall were bringing a freshness to the centre of the pitch.
However, Brian Little was right to signal an element of caution for Tuesday's game. The impetuousness of youth-seven of the starting line-up plus one of the subs used are eligible for our young player of the year award-if a promotion-chasing side hit us hard early on then it'll be hard to recover.
On the other hand, as Neil Roberts suggested afterwards, the only way to find out if the kids can withstand such a test is to pitch them in and see!
Anyway, we can't go down on Tuesday, so we live to fight another Saturday. Another chance for the South Wales media to swarm over us like vultures, ready to record our demise! I'm surprised the season will still be alive with only eight days of it left; wouldn't it be great if a miracle happened at Edgar Street and we really had something to go for?
Don't hold your breath though!

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