Saturday, 14 March 2009

Come on Jeffo!

So what happens today then? Woking showed that they're not a side who are willing to roll over and die at The racecourse earlier this season when they fought back to draw 1-1 and missed chances at the end to clinch the game, although by the same token we ought to have finished the game off before they came back at us-that was comfortably the most wasteful we've been this season, and that's saying something!

On the other hand, when Woking won 1-0 last Saturday agaionst Barrow it was the first time they'd scored since January, and even that long-awaited goal took a very heavy deflection! Their manager said afterwards that they missed a plethora of chances and threw everything at Barrow early on though, so I think we know what to expect today and can only hope they're as careless in front of goal as we are!

It all boils down to which Wrexham turn up though, doesn't it? The Wrexham of a month ago would travel in genuine expectation of a win today, but now it doesn't feel so certain. Hopefully Jeff Louis can maintain his incredible record of scoring against his old clubs this season, a handy attribute as he has played for just about every side in The Conference! He's hit the net against Weymouth, Stevenage, Forest Green, Ebbsfleet and Oxford, which only leaves Woking and Mansfield of his ex-employers!

Likewise, will we be able to get our midfield mojo back? Will Anthony Williams be able to make a case for holding Gavin Ward off in the long run? And most worryingly of all, can our defence actually go ninety minutes without having one big blow-out and gifting the opposition a goal? Or, perhaps more to the point, with Woking as wasteful as us, when they do foul it up, will The Cards accept the gift?

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