Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Plucky Little Wrexham!

Don't you just love being patronised?

Apparently Dean Saunders is the next manager of Wales and we're just a testing ground for the FAW. Funny that, because the bloke doesn't seem to give you that impression!

Saunders looks like he's fully committed to improving us, rather than using us for his own ends-perhaps this story's more about the national media's angle than anything else.

There's certainly a rather patronising air to it: I'm afraid we're not all country bumpkins up here! We might be a Conference side, but our players are still professional and not star-struck amateurs!

The actual issue raised by the piece is relevant, and there are interesting questions to be answered in reference to Saunders' dual role. Sadly, this article doesn't attempt to address them though.

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