Saturday, 14 March 2009

Reading The Signs

Well, I'm just making my way down by train to Woking-just opened the blind to be greeted by the site of a huge field of manure-hope that's not an omen!

I feel like reading the entrails a bit, to divine just what's going to happen, so I'm encouraged by a sight I'm looking forward to seeing in Woking once I arrive. The town's the setting for H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds", and I want to see the big sculpture in the middle of the town commemorating it-it's a Martian Attack Vehicle, which must rank as one of the least orthodox examples of public sculpture to be commissioned in this country!

Remember the stink when there was talk of a sculpture being built on the roundabout by Sainsbury's in Wrexham? It couldn't happen because so many people were against it, so the good folk of Woking must be particularly enlightened to embrace this idea! Can you imagine the debate?

It's particularly open-minded of them to allow it to be built when you consider why Woking was the setting for the novel. Wells lived there, didn't like it much, and therefore decided that it should be the location of the Martian landing so the aliens could lay waste to the town! His desciption of the town being annihilated is written in loving detail, but Wokingites still embrace the book with pride! Good for them! Let's hope that, as in the book, the match ends with the invasive Red Weed triumphant!

Hang on, another way to interpret the ending is that the invading force is routed! Maybe using literature to find omens about football fixtures isn't as good an idea as I thought!

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