Saturday, 13 June 2009

Another D Day for Chester

Having crowed excitedly about the return of the Wrexham-Chester derby, then suggested our neighbours could be reprieved if Darlington collapse, I'm worried we might lose out on a resumption of cross-border hostilities after all today.
The Darlington issue never came to anything; their continued membership of the Football League was nodded through at their AGM yesterday in such a lowkey manner that it didn't even merit a mention on Darlington's website. The threat to our derby at today's Conference AGM seems more real though.
Woking, in a desperate attempt to save their skins, plan to object to Chester's membership of the Conference, citing the double relegation of Boston United as a precedent. I suspect they'll fail: the parallels are circumstantial, I feel, and I can't imagine the Conference, after the hammering it received last season over points deductions, has the appetitie for a similar fight.
No-one thinks City's sudden escape from administration feels right, of course, but their fans don't deserve to suffer further as a result of whatever happened behind the scenes, and we desperately want to renew acquaintances anyway!

Still, the last few years suggest that anyone who tries to speculate on which way the Conference is going to jump at any particular time is likely to get their fingers burnt. Watch Google News carefully today-it could get interesting!

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