Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Jansen's Logic Rather Flawed

So let's get this straight: Matt Jansen's looking for a place where he can piece together his confidence without too much stress, so he plumps for a side which is operating at a part-time level. So far so logical.

But Leigh Genesis is a club which has looked a dead cert to be closed down for the last year after a massively over-ambitious rebranding exercise inevitably crashed and burned, a big-talking new owner having taken them down a crazy road and then suddenly got cold feet when he had the shock of his life and realised that Leigh is not a big city capable of sustaining a major sporting operation.

Good luck Matt. I hope my fears are exaggerated. I enjoyed our LDV tie at Leigh RMI-it was an enjoyable introduction to the welcome we'd receive in non-league. I've been watching their problems with interest because their loyal hard core of fans deserve a lot better, and there was a horrible inevitability to how it would end up. I just can't follow why Jansen saw this as a safe haven from which he could rebuild his confidence.

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