Friday, 19 June 2009

Conference A Gangster's Paradise?

When we got our home game against Histon called off due to international call-ups last October the rest of the Conference were unimpressed. Yet it appears to have possibly saved the Histon squad's lives.

The events which surrounded Histon's game against Lewes last September sound like something out of the Sopranos. There's something hard to grasp about a story on a Cambridgeshire villlage football team which kicks off with the club president having his car blown up.

It would seem the sort of guys you don't want to tangle with had a lot riding on that match-like so many of the recent stories about match fixing in The Conference and League Two, they're from the north west-and wanted redress. if they didn't get their £100 winnings on wasted bets, they claimed they ambush the Histon coach on its way to Wrexham and kill the squad.

It's a grim thought, and evokes memories of what happened to the Sri Lankan team coach in Pakistan. It appears criminals are targetting the lower end of professional football as the players are not well paid and therefore more susceptible to a bribe. Hopefully this illustration of what these people will do if crossed will make even the poorest of players think twice.

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