Sunday, 14 June 2009

There Ain't No Setanta Clause

The apparently imminent collapse of Setanta is, obviously, not just bad news for those of us who enjoy a weekly dose of French and German football.
The media's coverage of the story has naturally focussed on the potential impact on Premiership and SPL sides, but we're in the firing line too.

We stand to lose an automatic £70,000 fee, plus whatever we earn from live appearances (Last season that bumped the figure up to £94,000-see here for how it broke down, but ignore the erroneous maths!) It's not an earth-shattering itv digital figure, but it's enough to hit our budget for team rebuilding hard.

We'd also have a hole punched into the best week-in week-out coverage we've probably ever experienced as a club. I've never known the players in our division better as there's live games on TV every week, plus The Non League Paper and BBC London's Non League Show, whose podcast is well worth a listen (apart from the week I was on it on a very dodgy line, blathering on about Terry Darracott!)
I hope Setanta pull through for the good of the grass roots game, not because it taught me who Wolfsburg's Edin Djecko and Grafite are!

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