Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Good Old Days

As we prepare to meet Bury there seems to be a certain symmetry in our fortunes, as our trip to Gigg Lane last December was a watershed in this miserable season. In scoring the winner in that match, Eifion Williams' last act in a Wrexham shirt seems symbolic somehow.

I hope the game at Bury doesn't end up being seen as a false dawn; a turning point in a failed season. It was Little's first win as Wrexham boss in his third game, and the optimism afterwards was immense. We were 23rd going into it but after winning the match leapt up to and, with a winnable game at Dagenham coming up, looked on the up. Well we all know what happened then! We were hammered 3-0, dropped back down to 23rd andf haven't got out of the bottom two since; we then went and lost our next seven games, a sequence which ensured we'd be where we are now, playing catch-up.

I don't believe in luck, so I'm not sure what to call it, but scoring a cathartic first goal for the club was supposed to open the floodgates, not lead to four months on the sidelines. Williams' misfortune seems to mirror Wrexham's injury recent woes; just when you feel a corner is being turned, something cruel happens.

I realised this when I looked at how many players are out for today's game. Neil Roberts, Danny Williams, Eifion Williams, Steve Evans, Mark Jones, Josh Johnson, Danny Sonner, Jeff Whitley and Rob Duffy are on the injured list. And that's a conservative estimate! Where's Silvio Spann for instance?

I suppose our injury problems make Brian Little's huge squad a virtue, not that he was delighted to inherit some of the £1.5k a week players he ended up with, I suspect!

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