Sunday, 30 March 2008

A Good Reason To Avoid The Conference

I must be a visual learner as a thread on Red Passion moved me to make the rather dodgy home made map you can see above. The black dots show the teams that would be in The Conference next season if the season ended today and the second placed teams won the play-offs. We'll certainly be racking up the miles, although I suppose London Reds will get a chance to see a few more games!!!

The red dots are the sides in the relegation places-typically the only sides that are fairly local are going down! Of course that could change if some of them rally, but even then, don't hold your breath; of the seven closest clubs to us, six of them are the bottom six of the Conference and the seventh is Telford, who are only in line for the Conference North play-offs! The other sides in the Conference North play-offs are all further away.
Oh well, better pray for petrol prices to collapse. I worked out at the start of this season that going to every Wrexham game would entail travelling enough miles to go to New York-next season I might get to Vladivostok!

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