Saturday, 29 March 2008

Off to Barnet!

I'm writing this on the train to Barnet at the start of one of my favourite trips of the season. I just hope that next time I make it isn't because Barnet have got relegated to The Conference!

A relaxing ride down there and a good, cheap Thai curry on the main road round the corner from Underhill make it a good day out, but whether the game lives up to the preamble depends on what last Monday actually meant.

If you're a pessimist (or possibly a realist!) then it was a horrible missed opportunity-the worst side we've played in years and we failed to put them away.

If you're an optimist though, then maybe there's something to take from it. We certainly created chances and if we continue to play like that then maybe we could have a basis to push on from. The other sides around us are erratic, and it's very much in their favour. They crash and burn one week, then wallop someone, only to collapse again. However, three points for a win helps a side like that, rather than what we are-a rather solid side which is very hard to beat but equally finds it hard to turn one point into three. Was the Dagenham game a sign that we are becoming more of an attacking force, capable of grabbing wins?

I suspect Brian Little's selection today will not encourage the free-wheeling approach. I don't think he'll gamble with Matty Done as a wing back, and I'm not saying he should either. It makes sense to have Mike Williams there to shore us up in an away game, especially as Little clearly felt the side was exposed at Brentford when he tried to be a bit more progressive. It won't change us from being a solid side that grinds out results either though.

Interestingly, Barnet are similar to the up-and-down sides around us. They have a young side which, if it gets a good start, can blow sides away, but if they don't they crumble. Let's hope our team of old lags can bully them into their shells.

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