Monday, 16 February 2009

Fantasy Football

Obviously at a bit of a loose end (I'm entitled-I'm on holiday!) I thought I'd have a look at what sort of impact Dean Saunders has made at The acecourse since he took over. We all know what he's done to the atmosphere around the place, but how does it all translate into cold hard statistics? The answer is rather well!

I'd been think for a while just how would we be faring if Saunders had been boss since the start of the season and we hadn't been forced to operate under the handicap Brian Little hobbled us with. We'll never know, of course, as Saunders had to operate, to an extent still has to operate, with the disadvantage of inheriting a squad which isn't what he wanted.

However, on the left is how the table would look if the season began the day Saunders took over. We'd be second, still a fair way behnd Burton Albion, although winning our games in hand would put us just four points behind them.

Furthermore, we'd be in second despite the fact that only one side, Kettering Town, have played less games than us over this period.

We've gone up ten places under Saunders, from fourteenth to fourth, we're one of four sides averaging better than two points per game, and our goal difference is the second best in the table, again after Burton. Let's beat them tomorrow and then the imaginary table will really close up!

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