Sunday, 1 February 2009

Wrexham Rejects Still Do The Business!

First Adam Smith, then Christian Smith and now Rob Duffy! It seems it doesn't take all that much to make an impact in opposing penalty areas in The Conference, as those three Wrexham cast-offs are all finding it no problem to hit the net. Duffy has popped up at Mansfield and seems to be a big hit, posing the question whether Brian Little, who brought him in but never game him a start, ought to have allowed him more of an opportunity to show what he could do for us. His career stats suggest he's a goalscorer, but Little preferred Drewe Broughton to lead the line in our attempt to stay in the Football League. And look where that got us.

Okay, I'd better stop being hypocritical and admit I rather liked Broughton, and was one of the few who was sorry to see him go. However, he was hardly full of goals, and who knows what might have happened if Duffy had been given a run?

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