Monday, 16 February 2009

Remember Us Robbie?

Robbie Savage isn't all that keen on playing in The Conference after all, it seems!

I said in an earlier blog that Savage tends to speak whatever happens to be in his mind without a great deal of consideration for what he's previously pronounced, so I shouldn't be too surprised to see him announcing his horror at the notion of playing in The Conference, just a couple of months after he spoke of his desperation to sign for us.

It's no great surprise that he has forgotten about us really; yesterday seemed to be his dream come true; his links with Manchester United meant he was the centre of media attention when Derby played them live on TV. He loved every second of it, as indeed he should, and I doubt if swapping that for a monthly pitchside Setanta rendezvous with Rebecca Lowe's going to tempt him away from that.

Unless ITV stick an advert over his post-match ruminations, of course!

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