Sunday, 22 February 2009

Help Save Weymouth

Just read the following from Weymouth's website: it's incredibly powerful and certainly reminds you of how awful the prospect of losing your club is. We got such remarkable support from around the country when we were in desperate trouble-we owe it to Weymouth to return the favour. I'm interviewing Tim tomorrow for the podcast to try and spread the word further.

Message from Tim Davis: - Weymouth FC Youth Development OfficerThe Players
Full credit goes to the ex first team players who have represented the club this season but now sadly departed. You have given your all for the team and each and every one of you will hopefully be welcome back at the Wessex Stadium if you ever play against the Terras in the future for whatever club you may join. Hopefully you will all have long and fruitful careers and my best wishes to you all.Now we come onto the young lads who were so gallant yesterday. Firstly I would like to praise Jordan Collins for not turning round and saying he was injured or could not play for any other reason. He manfully stood up to be counted as a captain and his all round performance was exceptional for one so young. Secondly Scott Dixon was also a rock yesterday and showed maturity well above his tender age. Finally the boys form my under 18’s who stepped up to the plate and gave their all for the cause. They were so nervous in the dressing room before that Marcus, Alan and I couldn’t hardly get a word out of them.They ran their hearts out and I was so proud of each and every one of them for the way they applied themselves. Yes they got beat badly, yes we must be careful not to smash their confidence, yes we must be careful of their safety against better, bigger, stronger opponents but they now know what is required to play at Conference level. Football is a great learning curve and these boys have some quick learning to do. If we are clever we will get some decent young players out of this crop of kids. They are getting experience that you cannot buy and thanks to the way things are at the club at present this is invaluable in their development. If they were at any other Conference club or indeed ours before the trouble they would never ever get the opportunity to play. In an ideal world the boys will get two or three games then you take them out of the firing line before introducing some of them back into the team before the end of the season. One thing is for certain though nobody will ever be able to take away the fact that on their CV they have played Conference football and they all want to badly play for Weymouth FC not any other club.
The Supporters
What can anyone say about the support each and every one of you gave the boys before, during and after the game. Again it was very emotional for all concerned and I saw several people in tears. This for me was the first time since the two epic encounters with Nottingham Forest that the supporters have really got behind the team and it was brilliant to see and hear. With supporters like this how can we ever let OUR club die. Yesterday showed me truly that Weymouth as a town does deserve to have a football club and that people really care about it.We now have a platform to build from and have the opportunity to progress. Again reading all the messages of support on the forum from supporters of other clubs showed how complete strangers feel and we can use this remarkable show of solidarity to our advantage if handled correctly. What do I mean by that you might ask? Well each of these supporters from other clubs should be contacted and thanked for their kind words and then asked if they could highlight our plight by writing an article either for their local press or match programme. This would assist in getting thousands of new supporters to be aware of the Terras and hopefully many will be converted into making Weymouth FC their second team. They should also be asked whether they would approach their own club and ask if they could send us a signed shirt or match ball for us to auction to raise badly needed funds. Finally they could also ask about the possibility of their team playing us maybe at pre season again to generate income. This must be a co-ordinated project though and not just done in a scatter gun approach.
Rushden & Diamonds
Different class yesterday in the way that they handled themselves as a club. Forget the Tomlin incident the Rushden players were great in encouraging our lads and ensuring they kept going right to the end. They were a credit and I personally wish them every success.
The Club
Finally we come onto the thing closest to all our hearts Weymouth Football Club and more importantly the governance of. Yesterday proved beyond all doubt to me that the team and the supporters were pulling in the same direction so now the time has come for those people charged with running OUR club to do the same. I for one cannot live with myself if I don’t have one big go at accomplishing the impossible. In my time working at the club I have had five chairmen and a host of Directors who have all tried their best in their own way to take the club forward.This unfortunately has left us in the desperate situation we find ourselves in. Time has now come for people who say they care about the football club and its future to do something about it. What I am proposing is simplistic that I would like to see the following people Malcolm Curtis, Ernie Battey, Ian Ridley, Martyn Harrison, Gary Calder, Dave Higson, Pete Saxby, Mark Golsby or a representative from the Terras Trust, Ian Winsor, Ian White or a representative from the Supporters Club, Mark Rogers, Grant Leighton, Stuart Barnes, William Ronald, Ramin Hidari, Tristan Murless, Paul Cocks, Shaun Hennesey, Tom Singh, Matthew MacGowan, representatives from the Council and 25 top local businessmen to come to a meeting during the day as soon as possible with me at the Wessex Stadium which I will chair to strive to find a solution to all the problems. For too long egos have taken over and whoever has been in charge of the Terras since we moved to the Wessex Stadium has faced similar problems. The team and fans yesterday proved they can work together now its up to you guys and others to prove the same.Forget about back stabbing and points scoring the time is upon us to bury the hatchet once and for all. The agenda will consist solely of positive thinking how everybody can work together and honesty. We all owe it to the fans and the town to have one last try and if all the combined brains in that room cannot come up with a workable solution then we have failed everybody. Not having the time to attend is not an excuse, make the time I am going to. I will also keep fans updated about who says yes they will attend the meeting and who says no as I feel its important to communicate.I will be working all week to try and make this happen irrespective of what happens to the club over the next few days and I urge each and every one of the above people to contact me as soon as possible so we can get the meeting on. For further details you can contact Tim Davis on the numbers below07974885259 (mobile) or 01929 401392 (home) ring anytime of the night or day its that important.

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