Saturday, 7 February 2009

So far so good!

A fortnight ago I felt so proud of myself when I booked a train ticket to Lewes-I didn't imagine for a second you could make it down there and back in a day by rail! For the last week I've not been feeling half as clever though!

The weather of the last week left me assuming the game would be off, and there was no way I'd get a refund on my train ticket just because a football match had been called off-I found that out the hard way at the Ebbsfleet game!

Still, at the moment the signs are good, thanks to a combination of geological and meteorlogical good fortune-Geraint sent me a text at 815 to say the pitch was ok. Let's hope it stays that way, and the trains arrive on time! With only Crawley of the teams above us playing today, and they're only above us because their points deduction has gone to appeal, here's hoping we can get a win today and make an impact on the table.

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